Artemis is the Protector of the Wilderness and the Guardian of Young Girls, as well as apprentice to the moon goddess Selene. She is the twin sister of Apollo and an Olympian.

Appearance Edit

Artemis is a teenage-looking girl. She has long curly hair with some of it tied up in twintails with starry hairties, and the rest of it done in a loose braid. In daytime, her hair is blond like her brother's, but changes to dark umber at night. Her eyes are dark purple pupils surrounded by golden irises. When she became Selene's apprentice, a left-facing crescent moon appeared on the middle of her forehead.

She is usually shown carrying her bow.

Personality Edit

When Artemis was younger, she used to be very girly and sensitive, often crying and needing Apollo to comfort her. However, when she got older and started to distance herself from him due to their opposing roles as the moon and sun, respectively, she toughened herself up and became colder and more aloof, towards Apollo and to her band of nymphs. She still shows her girlier side to her best friend Persephone, though.

History Edit

Artemis is the older sister of the twins born to Zeus and Leto. She used to be very close to and affectionate towards her brother until they were both chosen by Selene and Helios to become their apprentices, respectively. Since sun and moon are destined to never unite, Artemis decided to become tougher and more independent in order to sever off her attachment to Apollo.

Story Edit

My Seasons Edit

Artemis is at the Olympian Council meeting where Zeus is trying to figure out what to do about Hades keeping Persephone in the Underworld, thus causing the Upperworld to die.

After Persephone agrees to be taken back to the Upperworld, Artemis meets her while she's sitting on a ledge. She remarks that the world has become much more beautiful since she's returned, and tells her that Aphrodite wants to thank her for the roses in her garden. However, as she is talking, Persephone faints.

After Persephone is brought to Zeus, she can be seen looking worried about her friend.

A Promise III Edit

Artemis rushes into Hestia's temple to find Zeus, and berates him for not inviting Hades to her birthday party, and therefore making her best friend, Persephone, not go as well.

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