Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom and War Tactics. She is the eldest daughter of Zeus with the Titan Metis. She acts as Zeus' advisor.

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Athena is a tall, athletic young woman. She has straight brown hair with bangs. Her hair is chin-length at the front, and knee-length at the back. She has dark brown eyes, and a long nose, She shares similarities in her looks with her mother.

Personality Edit

Athena is an extremely calm, rational woman. She rarely shows any emotion and talks in very neutral way. Inheriting her mother's wisdom, she is consulted by her father on many things. She has a good intuition and can pick up on hidden meanings behind words and body language, such as when she notices Zeus doesn't like being called King.

She is loyal to both of her parents, but isn't afraid to criticize their actions and using her own judgement instead. For example, even though Metis wanted Zeus to forget her in order become a good king, Athena opposes her mother on that because she feels that someone who runs away from his feelings and problems instead of facing them wouldn't make a good king at all.

She has a serious, detached exterior, but seems to show a softer side towards her friends Nike and Aphrodite.

History Edit

Athena was conceived during Metis' and Zeus' first time in Gaia's garden. However, before Metis was able to give birth to her, she was killed by Hades, but she managed to find a way to realize her in Zeus' mind by getting him to swallow her essence. There, her growth depended on his mentality, waiting for the day when he could finally make the right decision and get her out. Metis intended her to be an advisor to Zeus in place of her. When she was born, Prometheus manipulated everyone's memories so that they thought she was an orphan girl Zeus found in Cronus' palace during the war rather than his daughter.

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During the Olympian council meeting where Zeus was planning to send Ares down to the Underworld to forcibly get Persephone back from Hades, she told him to resolve the issue peacefully, to which he reluctantly plans to try.

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