Cronus was the King of the Titans. He was killed by his son, Zeus.

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Before he came to power, Cronus was a strong, healthy-looking young man with straight black hair that covered his right eye. He had sharp black eyes. But after he became obsessed with keeping his power, he began to waste away and look more sickly, with bags beneath his eyes. He resembles his oldest son, Hades, a lot.

He is distinct from his siblings in that he doesn't have Titan marks anywhere on his body.

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As a child, Cronus was carefree and happy, always looking up to his siblings. However, as he grew older and noticed the difference in power between him and his siblings, he grew more insecure and jealous. When he finally did gain power from his mother and he became king, he began obsessing over keeping his power, fearing that someone will come take it from him one day. As a result, he did many horrible acts, like kidnapping Nike and Eos, and imprisoning his own children in order to make sure no one can take his power. His mind grew more and more unstable as he became more obsessed with his power. However, he still seems to have a caring side, mostly towards his wife Rhea and oldest son Hades.

History Edit

Cronus is the youngest child of Gaia and Uranus. Because he was the only one among his siblings without Titan marks, and therefore the weakest, he gained an inferiority complex. Wanting to be the strongest, he accepted power from Gaia and defeated his father to become the new king. In the process, he imprisoned his other siblings, the Cyclopes and Hekatonkheires, in Tartarus.

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