Eos is the Titaness of the Dawn.

Appearance Edit

Unlike her siblings, Eos looks like a young girl rather than an adult. She has a round face and large multicolored eyes consisting of the colors of dawn, such as purple, pink, and orange. Her curly pinkish-purple hair has multicolored streaks at the front, and is tied up into two braided buns. She wears a gold headband consisting of swirling circles, and a teardrop gem.

She has two large, feathered white wings.

Personality Edit

Eos is a playful, innocent girl. She's close to her two siblings and is very supportive of them, acting as a go-between for them since their jobs don't allow them to meet very much.

History Edit

Eos is the youngest daughter of Hyperion and Theia. At some point, she was kidnapped by Cronus and imprisoned, preventing the sun from rising.

Story Edit

A Promise II Edit

She was found by Zeus and Poseidon imprisoned in a large fortress, seemingly in a coma and surrounded by sharp spikes. When Zeus hit the spikes with his lightning, she woke up and thanked them for freeing her, explaining that she was imprisoned by Cronus to prevent Helios from shedding light, before flying away to help him.

When she arrived back to her home, she was embraced by her father, before asking Helios if he's ready. She tells him she understands when he told her it's been too long since he held Selene. She then helps him activate his powers, allowing him to end the long night and raise the sun.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Eos is the one who can activate her brother Helios's powers and start the dawn.

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