Eris is the Goddess of Discord and supposedly a daughter of Zeus and Hera.

Appearance Edit

Eris has the appearance of a slender, tomboyish teenage girl. She has short, reddish-brown hair cut in a asymmetrical style with the left side short and spiky, and the right side longer and sweeping down the side of her face. She looks a lot like her mother.

Personality Edit

Eris is a lot like her brother, Ares. She seems to be a tomboy and enjoys creating chaotic situations.

History Edit

Eris is the oldest daughter of Zeus and Hera (?).

Story Edit

Inflammation I Edit

Eris is lounging around while Ares and Hebe are playing together at Hera's palace's garden. Zeus comes and asks them where their mother is, to which they respond that she's in the palace, resting. After Zeus heads there and Ares decides to go to Prometheus' workshop, Hebe asks Eris to play with her. Eris tells her that she'll make her game extra chaotic, which Hebe doesn't like at all.

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