Eros is the Primordial of Love and Aphrodite's companion.

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Before he became Aphrodite's companion, Eros used to take the form of a handsome young man with his long, wavy pink hair in braids. After he met Aphrodite he took the form of a young boy with his hair loose. He has red eyes. He also has a pair of white double wings on his back.

Personality Edit

Eros is playful, but takes his job seriously. He seems to enjoy challenges like Aphrodite and Zeus, both of whom don't know love. He's charming and confident in his own abilities to do his job. He often ends up playing the straight man to Aphrodite and Gaia.

History Edit

Eros is one of the Primordials born out of Chaos. As the Primordial of Love, he went around using his powers to make people fall in love with each other in order to procreate. One day, his sister Gaia showed him a young girl who doesn't seem to know or care about love. He decides to take up the challenge of teaching her love and turned into a young boy, becoming her mentor and constant companion.

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Irresponsible Omake Edit

Eros is there when Aphrodite finds out that Persephone is still a virgin despite being married. Aphrodite asks Eros to help them, but he tells her that it's her job.

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