Gaia is the Primordial of Earth as well as the Mother of the Titans, Cyclops, and Hekatonkheires. She has a big influence on many characters in MYth, the notable ones being Cronus and Zeus.

Appearance Edit

Gaia can have any appearance she wants, but she usually looks like a curvy young woman with large breasts and a pregnant belly, probably to show her status as the Mother of all Living Things. Her skin color ranges from light green, white, and light to medium brown. Usually, only her upper body is shown as the rest of her consists of mountains and volcanoes that go on indefinitely. Her hair is very long and made up of green vines with leaves and flowers of different colors, and there's a bunch of purple grades hanging down the side of her face. Her eyes contain the entire world in them, so they look just like miniature versions of Earth. A vine-like pattern wraps around her upper body.

In her simplified, mortal form, her hair is usually done in a single braid.

Personality Edit

Gaia has many sides, shown to different people. To her children and descendants, she's loving and caring, though not above messing with them for her own amusement. If she sees anyone hurting them, she's merciless. However, she can also be petty and vengeful if they disobey her, willing to hurt them in order to teach them a lesson. To her husband Uranus, she has a bit of a hot-and-cold attitude, desperately wanting his attention while trying not to show it.

History Edit

Gaia is one of the Primordials born out of Chaos at the beginning of time. As the Primordial of Earth, she created all of the living things on Earth. She gave birth to Uranus and had the Twelve Titans, Cyclopes, and Hekatonkheires with him. When her husband imprisoned the Cyclopes and Hekatonkheires, she gave her son Cronus power to defeat him. However, Cronus did not let his imprisoned siblings out, and in anger she told him the prophecy of his Golden Son, who will defeat him.

Story Edit

A Promise I Edit

Gaia first speaks in Cronus' dream, telling him that the day will come when his kingdom will crumble by the hands of his Golden Son, because of his unfulfilled oath.

When Metis explains to Zeus about what happened to his mother, she tells him that her fragments will lie with Gaia. She also tells him that they will be safe as long as they are in her garden.

After Metis disobeys Gaia and sleeps with Zeus, she told her in a dream that because she was selfish, she will be punished for it.

A Promise II Edit

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