Helios is the Titan of the Sun and the brother of Selene and Eos. He has taken Apollo as his apprentice.

Appearance Edit

Helios is a young man with long, slicked back orange hair. His eyes are always shown closed as he only opens them when he perform his duties, as they resemble burning suns. He has long eyelashes. His Titan marks are sun-shaped and are on the middle of his forehead and right forearm.

Personality Edit

Helios is serious but passionate young man who cares about his family a lot. He seems to be a bit gullible as well.

History Edit

Helios is the oldest of his three siblings. As he was the Titan of the Sun, he couldn't be with his sister Selene anymore since she was the Titaness of the Moon. He became unable to do his job when his sister Eos got kidnapped by Cronus, since she was the Titaness of the Dawn.

Plot Edit

A Promise II Edit

He is mentioned by his father Hyperion, who tells Zeus about how ever since Eos was kidnapped by Cronus, Helios was unable to do his job of shining across the land, forcing Selene to do the job.

A Promise III Edit

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