Hephaestus is the God of Fire and the forger of weapons and accessories for the gods. He is married to Aphrodite and is an Olympian.

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As a child, Hephaestus was very thin and sickly to the point where his bones are visible, due to Hera isolating him.

After Thetis took him in, he became more healthy looking and muscular. He has wavy black hair and dark green eyes. His left leg is made of metal because of Hera throwing him down from the top of Olympus.

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Hephaestus is the oldest son of Zeus and Hera. Before he was born, Thetis had a prophecy about him, which terrified Hera and caused her to hide the already weak Hephaestus in a cave, forbidding him from going outside and talking to anyone, but not before having Hestia bless him first. No one on Olympus except for Hera and Hestia knows of his existence before he returned.

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