Hermes is the Messenger of the Gods. He is one of the Olympians.

Appearance Edit

Hermes is a young, short boy with a chubby face. He has shoulder-length, loose light brown hair with bangs parted down the middle. He has large light brown eyes. As the Messenger of the Gods, he wears a white headband with two fluffy white wings attached to both sides, and winged sandals. He is often shown carrying his caduceus.

Personality Edit

Befitting his childish appearance, Hermes has an energetic, mischievous personality. He enjoys playing pranks on people, especially on Apollo. He also enjoys running around, which is why Zeus made him the Messenger of the Gods. Hermes is more serious about duties, but doesn't enjoy being overworked by his father. He's almost always cheerful, which can be disconcerting such as when he tells Hephaestus that if Zeus didn't let him enter Olympus, he would be led to his death on the mountain.

History Edit

Hermes is the son of Zeus and Maia. He is one of the illegitimate children Zeus had after his marriage to Hera. At a young age, he was already working for Zeus.

Story Edit

My Seasons Edit

The Upperworld was dying because Hades had taken Persephone into the Underworld. Hermes, thinking it was because Hades was angry about Demeter betraying him, goes down there to convince him to let Persephone go. He recounts the day he went by the palace garden and heard the Demeter and Zeus arguing. Demeter was telling Zeus to stop tormenting Hades, but Zeus says that it's fun to make Hades suffer, and then proceeded to rape her. Hades promises him that he'll let Persephone go back soon, and dismisses Hermes.

Three days later, in Olympus, Zeus asks Hermes how long it had been since he visited Hades. Hermes tells him that Hades told he'll let Persephone go soon, but Zeus says that he lied.

When Persephone faints soon after leaving the Underworld because she ate pomegranates from there, therefore connecting herself to it, Zeus commands Hermes to fetch Hades, who is already coming to Olympus.

Soon after the seasons become established, Zeus allows Hermes to take Persephone to the Underworld early. He takes her to an entrance, and they give each other farewell.

Eternal Gift Edit

Hermes frantically reports to Zeus about the floods along Cape Sounion. Zeus tells him to calm down and to summon Athena and Demeter to the Olympian Hall.

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