Kratos is one of Zeus's Winged Enforcers, and the brother of Bia, Zelus, and Nike.

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Kratos is a tall, muscular young man. He has spiky dark hair that's close-cropped at the back. He has narrow dark eyes. He wears a thin headband. He has large wings that he usually hides away.

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Kratos is a serious, gruff person who prefers to get his goals done instead of waiting. He acts tough and doesn't like tears or wimpiness. He is shown to be protective and have a sense of justice.

History Edit

Kratos is the oldest of his four siblings. They were born in Tartarus and grew up there, until one day they left. Sometime after, his youngest sister Nike was kidnapped by Cronus, and he along with his siblings have been trying to rescue her ever since.

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