Metis is a Titan known for her wisdom. She is the first lover of Zeus and the mother of Athena. She is killed by Hades at the end of the war.

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Metis is a slim, graceful young woman. She has short, magenta hair with two large curls framing her face, and straight bangs. She has narrow dark purple eyes. As a daughter of Oceanus, she inherited his light blue scales on her cheeks and webbed ears, though she hides with them with magic whenever she's in the presence of Cronus.

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Metis acts as a caretaker to many of the characters she encounters. She dresses Zeus, fixes Zelus's and Kratos's ripped clothes, and takes care of Hera and Demeter when they were still recovering from being imprisoned by Cronus.

As a disciple of Gaia, she has learned wisdom from her on many things and often consulted by many people for that. Because of this, she acts as a sort of adviser for Zeus and comes up with many of the plans during the Titan War.

Despite her kind and gentle nature, she shows a remarkable determination when it comes to people loves. She is not afraid to take risks and suffer if it means that they'll be happy, despite what that person thinks about her doing that.

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Metis is one of the many daughters of Oceanus and Tethys. She became a disciple of Gaia at a young age, and presumably learned the prophecy concerning Cronus and Zeus, among other things, from her.

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A Promise I Edit

She asks Zeus with concern what's wrong when he wakes up from his nightmare of his mother's death. Afterwards, she dresses him, and explains to him that immortals like them don't truly die; their remains go to the Great Mother Gaia, where they'd be taken care of. She also reassures him that no one can harm him in Gaia's Garden.

After Hades discovers the hideout of Kratos, Bia, and Zelus, Zeus brings them to Gaia's Garden. Metis uses her magic to fix up Kratos' clothes, then leaves. Bia is distrustful of her because she's a Titan, but Zeus defends her, saying that she was the one who rescue him from Hades after he beheaded their mother by throwing magic dust at him, and then leading him to Gaia's Garden. Kratos asks why she would rescue him, and Zelus teasingly says that it must be love.

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