Themis is the Titaness of Divine Law and Order. After the Titan War she became one of Zeus' lovers.

Appearance Edit

Themis is a short woman with large light blue eyes. She has dark green hair tied into braids on either side of her head and down her back. She is usually seen wearing a hood. Her Titan marks are across her collarbone, resembling a necklace.

History Edit

Themis is one of the daughters born to Uranus and Gaia. She did not take sides during the rebellion against Uranus, or during the Titanomachy.

Story Edit

A Promise I Edit

Themis is one of the Titans mentioned by Iapetus who didn't attend the dance at Cronus' palace because they didn't want to come.

Sketch Comics Edit

Void Edit

A young Themis appears in the background, a neutral observer to the events unfolding.

Trivia Edit

  • Because she looked like Metis, Zeus was immediately drawn to her after he became King.

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