Zeus is the King of the Gods and the God of Heaven. He was a main character in the A Promise trilogy and Distillation.

Appearance Edit

Zeus is a tall, well-built in man with an appearance of a man in his late twenties to early thirties. He has blond hair that reaches down to his shoulders, and golden eyes.

As a young boy, Zeus was very feminine looking, able to pass for a girl by dressing in feminine clothing in A Promise I. Coeus even calls him "pretty".

Personality Edit

As a child, Zeus was innocent, happy young boy who idolized his older brother Hades. After his mother's death, he became more determined and serious, wanting to get stronger in order to defeat his father Cronus and free Hades from his control, even though he was the one who killed his mother. Despite all this, he was still very sensitive and prone to crying when he's upset.

After discovering it was Hades who killed his lover, Metis, who he deeply loved, he began to hate his brother and became more distant and indifferent as a result. It wasn't until that he discovered Hades' plan to make him hate him in order to make him stronger that his hate disappeared, though he still kept up the facade because he believed that's what Hades wanted.

Because of Gaia's curse so that he could never feel love, he became more lustful and lost his inhibitions, having sex with many women in order to soothe his broken heart and trying to find Metis, who Gaia created many illusions of. He eventually married Hera, who had always loved him, and who became the one person he can find Metis through. Even though he does not yet reciprocate her feelings, he does become aware of them and appreciates them, hinting that one day he may also come to truly love her.

As King, when he first ascended the throne he did not care about his role at all, constantly escaping responsibility and sleeping in order to get to his dream place. But with the help of Athena, his daughter with Metis, he became more determined to learn how to be a good king, and eventually grew into the wise, mature king that he is now.

History Edit

Zeus is the golden child of Gaia's prophecy, fated to destroy his father Cronus's reign and establish a new rule. He was born to the Titans Cronus and Rhea, and was hidden away by Rhea to prevent Cronus from killing him.

Story Edit

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